Earth Turns Vinyl

Earth Turns Vinyl

By popular demand, KSC’s first full length record, “Earth Turns” is finally on vinyl!

From “Earth Turns” recording engineer @summitsoundva in 2016: “Just had the most intense 5 days of sessions I’ve had in years. 12-14 hour days. 8 dudes. Horns. Flutes. Percussion. A glockenspiel. Many guitar stacks. Many beers consumed. All the guys in this band are ultra driven and talented. They came here with a plan and made it happen….I had a blast. You will be hearing about this band. Trust me.”

This limited run of 300 records is foil numbered and pressed on "shore break splatter" vinyl.


Extremely epic

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, 7 years of jamming we finally have it!