Turn YOUR talent into YOUR profit with REWARD MUSIC

Turn YOUR talent into YOUR profit with REWARD MUSIC

Reward Music - The simplest path to monetize your music.

$6.84 per member

The June numbers are in!  Fans who've supported artists directly on

Reward Music have spent $6.84 per year on average.

What does that mean?

With fans spending just $6.84 per year, it only takes 1,462 fans to make any artist $10,000 per year.

To grow to $50,000 per year on Reward Music, artists need just 7,310 fans spending $6.84 per year in their  community.

What seems more achievable, reaching 11.4 million streamers annually on Spotify in order to earn $45k per year or building a core audience of 7,310 direct fans willing to spend just $6.84 per year to support your music to the tune of $50k per year?

(Every artist earns 100% of every sale on Reward Music)

What is your next step to profitability?

By focusing your social media platforms to drive your fans to your own Reward Music powered site you can achieve sustainable income goals. By using real numbers and reliable data you will own, you can plan for the future.

Success comes in all shapes and sizes and might look different than you think. Less than 15,000 fans can enable an artist to earn over $100,000 per year. That’s why that $6.84 number is so important!

Think about this, casting a wide net in search of random customers predictably yields small returns. Artists who think differently can invest in their core fans by giving them a reason to engage with them directly and can yield greater returns. When artists connect with their fans directly on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis amazing things are possible. By offering fans something they can’t get anywhere else artists can easily stock all of their content and merchandise in one location. Reward Music will not only directly connect you with your fans, it can handle your on demand printing of clothing and track and ship to your fans anywhere in the world.

Wanna learn to see the bigger picture? Reward Music is designed to build your united fan foundation and create the reciprocity that is lacking in traditional social media.

Whether you already have a Reward Music powered artist site or you are about to sign up, bringing your fans to your own site by incentivizing them with your best work and most exclusive content and merchandise (all in one place) is the most engaging way to create sustainable income.

While it’s possible for artists' results to vary, the principles of earning remain constant. For example, if your Reward Music powered artist site generated 10% of the average, where else would you have that kind of financial success selling your music? If you think Spotify, Apple, and social media outlets are designed to maximize artists’ earning potential, think again. Reward Music - Artists First.

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