How It Works

With visionary technology under the hood, and artists in the driver's seat, Reward Music is the ultimate vehicle to create career sustainability for artists of every genre. The growth of any artist's career is propelled by fans, and we've built the industry leading platform to seamlessly integrate every tool an artist needs to succeed.

Empowering Artists in 2 Simple Steps

  • Step 1 - We've created a social market-place for fans and artists to connect with purpose in one location.
  • Step 2 - Enabling artists to Reward fans for their support.

One Easy To Find Location - One Vision

Reward Music makes things easy for everyone.

Artists have total control over their own Reward Music broadcast channel, including all of their pricing and subscription models. Reward Music can deliver all audio and video content in the highest resolution.

Reward Your Fans

At the core of Reward Music is the Reward system. If you think about it, it's human nature to share the things we like. We love to share things that inspire us or make us feel good. We all do it freely with our friends and family. Now, artists can Reward fans for doing the things they do naturally!

We Can Help You Do More - For Less

Whether you're an artist with a label deal, an established independent artist, a DJ, undiscovered rapper, or you formed your first garage band yesterday after school, Reward Music is in your corner, ready to empower you and cheer you on.

Reward Music recognizes the importance of independence. We are excited for independent artists of every level and genre to discover the advantages awaiting them. Reward Music equals more opportunities for artists to innovate and profit on their own terms. When you're ready to do your thing, we have the tools you need to succeed.

We've bundled everything you need to operate your business, build your brand and engage your audience. Reward Music is your dynamic social market-place.