What is Reward Music?

What is Reward Music?

Reward Music is a game changing music platform. It was created to meet and exceed the needs of artists in the new age of the music industry. A Reward Music powered artist site is a turn-key business solution that allows artists to own and operate their personally curated service industry. Change has arrived and it’s time for your music to thrive.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” - Albert Einstein

How can Reward Music help me?

Enabling paying customers to engage with everything that excites them without ever having to leave your place of business to make a purchase, is the holy grail of business goals. Reward Music was built that way from the ground up and it’s ready for artists of every genre to display their best work.

“To receive guests is to take charge of their happiness during the entire time they are under your roof.” - Brillat Savarin

Can Reward Music help me make more money?

Yes! Our goal is to make artists more money than anywhere else! We’ve leveled the playing field and shut out the interference. Once connected to their Reward Music powered site, artists will directly receive 100% of their sales. 100% transparent accounting, in real time.

As an added benefit, Reward Music makes it easy for fans to find their favorite artists’ best work and helps artists reward their core fans.

“A place for everything, everything in its place.” - Benjamin Franklin

What other ways can Reward Music help me?

Besides making them more money, Reward Music helps artists visualize the path to their core fans and the benefits of doing more for them.

For example, why cast a wide net hoping to make 1 dollar from a million fans who haven’t received your personalized attention, when you can visualize earning 100 dollars from 10,000 fans who are able to receive a highly curated experience from you? The resulting financial gain is the same, but the path to realization is completely different.

Reward Music helps artists provide a deeper experience for their core fans, which helps earn respect, inspire engagement, and create broader revenue from a smaller amount of people.

“The mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work unless it’s open” - Frank Zappa

Does Reward Music take a percentage of my income?

No! Reward Music is here to help artists thrive while navigating the uncharted territory of the modern music industry.

“What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.” - Theodore Roethke

What’s the catch? How does Reward Music make money?

There is no catch. We make our money selling bandwidth.

Reward Music is the channel for artists to display their fully stocked merchandise and broadcast their complete catalog of audio and video content to their fans, in the easiest way possible.

Reward Music never touches an artist’s money or the data they generate. We challenge you to find a company that can match all of the features Reward Music offers while operating their terms of service agreement as HUMANE TECHNOLOGY!

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi



The Reward Music System provides the most advanced tools for artist career sustainability.

While it's incredibly powerful, it's also extremely user friendly. Reward Music powered artist sites are customizable turn-key business solutions. It's the easiest way for everyone to find all of your content in one place, and it functions as your broadcast channel, merchandise store, and e-mail connectivity to your fan base. Artists set their own pricing for all content while receiving 100% of every sale. Any audio or video content is subscribable and fans can subscribe to artists directly, reaching even higher reward status. You can watch 100% of each sale arrive in your bank account with transparency, in real time. This is the true power of direct connection and it's only available at Reward Music.


At the core of Reward Music, is the Reward system.

Every fan interaction on a Reward Music powered artist site is rewarded with points. The more love your fans show, the more their points will grow. The point system allows fans to benefit by unlocking new songs or videos and gaining access to better pricing for everything an artist has to offer. Fan support and enthusiasm also earns them higher status which continues to increase their benefits. Reward Music enables artists to recognize their biggest supporters, making it easier than ever for them to show their gratitude. Artists can’t do what they do without their fans and Reward Music allows artists to grow their reciprocal Eco-System organically. Career sustainability and growth is directly linked to deepening artist relationships with their fans. Since Reward Music is built on the foundation of HUMANE TECHNOLOGY there's no better place for artists to build their solid core fan base and reward them for their support.


E-Mail is the core of communication in the Connection Economy.

Reward Music helps you grow a permission based connection to your fans. Everyone knows the feeling of anticipation, the excitement of opening something new and intriguing in your inbox, especially when it's from a trusted source. Your fans want to hear from you personally. Reward Music makes it easy for you to manage all your fan communication. Each one of your fans is automatically added to your e-mail list as they join your site and you can contact them anytime. Reward Music combines the features of an expensive stand alone e-mail system and a team of assistants. With total calendar and event integration, Reward Music can automatically locate your closest fans and remind them of your scheduled concert dates anywhere in the world, as soon as you add them to your calendar. Every time you add an event or concert date, your Reward Music powered artist site knows how to reach all fans within the 150 mile radius of your venue and will email the pertinent details of the event, including location and weather forecast! Reward Music is both your event calendar and your email system, an industry first!

Audio Streaming

Your fans can stream, download and purchase your audio content without ever leaving your site.

We accept MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, AAC and AIFF files formats at the highest quality sample rate and bit depth. Since we don't transcode your files, your audio masters retain their integrity. High fidelity sound is a priority at Reward Music and we make it easy for you to monetize your audio content based on its resolution. If you’d like your MP3 files to be free, you can do that. If you'd like your high resolution files to be priced higher or change audio pricing based on song length you can do that too! Audio Streaming is integrated into our reporting system which means you can see, in real time, which tracks are being listened to and purchased the most. Your music can finally be accounted for based on the actual source of interaction. Your audio content is subscribable as well. Do you have a podcast? You can host it on Reward Music, enabling your fans to subscribe to you directly without any third party interference.


Reward Music’s fully integrated store system was created to give you 100% of your sales income with 100% transparency.

Having all of your content in one location makes it easy for your fans. Fan experience is optimized because all your best music, videos and special pay per view events are at their fingertips. Once they are logged in to your Reward Music powered artist site, they can make purchases without the need to re-enter their purchase and shipping information. Artist stores are fully integrated with their fans and automatically reward fans for their support. What Reward Music gives artists and their fans is a truly dynamic social marketplace. A reciprocal Eco-System, free from third party interference. Do you use Quickbooks? If the answer is yes, sales on your Reward Music powered artist site will automatically create invoices in Quickbooks. Reward Music can also calculate the taxes on merchandise sold in all 50 states.


Everyone knows that merchandise can be a major revenue source for artists.

What most people don't know is how complicated it is to produce merchandise. Reward Music can help artists manufacture and ship their merchandise. From container loads to on demand single unit orders, we can help produce anything you need. Fulfilling orders is a lot of work and Reward Music can handle that burden for you. We understand that you might already have a merchandise relationship elsewhere and we can help you with that too! Rewarding your fans with points is still possible and encouraged, even when using an outsourced merchandise provider. We've got a system in place for that! (ask us for more info!) Fan actions are always rewarded automatically but it doesn't hurt for artists to directly reach out to them when they show their love!

Advance Purchases / Crowd Source Funding

Obtaining advance funding for your next recording project may be crucial to your success.

While there are many crowd source funding sites, none of them can run as an integrated part of an artist's own website. None of them can Reward artist's fans as they support them with advance purchases. None of the other platforms will pass artist's funds to them without a waiting period and without taking a percentage of the money. At Reward Music, as part of our commitment to HUMANE TECHNOLOGY, the artist comes first, no delays and no lost income. Reward Music enables artists to offer their fans the opportunity to be a fly on the wall, get in on the ground floor and have access to exclusive content, such as sneak peaks inside studio sessions, sales of memorabilia or musical instruments and rare performances or demos. Artists can offer private concert engagements, music lessons and other incentives as they prepare to launch their next project. Every successful crowd source campaign starts with a compelling story. Tell your story the way you want and tell it to your fans directly. When artists and fans work together they can achieve amazing results.

Event / Concert Schedule

All your tour dates and Events have a new home page!

All artist tour dates and Events have a new home page! Simplicity Is Our Biggest Innovation. The bundled features on Reward Music help artists do more for less. As soon as new concerts or events are added to an artist’s calendar, Reward Music goes to work and automatically finds all of their fans within 150 miles of that show. Next, it sends them an email with all of the exciting details. It follows up with reminder emails 3 days before and on the day of the show. It even includes the weather forecast for the day of the show! On show day, Reward Music keeps working. The concert event location becomes a live GPS check in point for artist's fans. Once they check in at the show, artists can SMS text their fans details about exclusive deals on merchandise to maximize the total concert experience. It's also a great way for their fans to increase their Reward gains. Live event check in reward points really propel fan status. They can earn double points for the night if they bring new fans who sign also sign up to the artist's Reward Music powered site while at the concert. Offering exclusive pre-sale codes and advance ticket links is easy at Reward Music. The more love your fans show, the more you can help their Rewards grow. It's a schedule, it's a calendar, it's the world's best fan communication system, and it’s only at Reward Music.

Video Streaming

What if you did not have to share your video revenue with anyone? Imagine having the ability to control your own pay per view channel.

Your music videos have value, why let social media platforms have your videos for free and earn money from them, while you see nothing or next to nothing in return? At Reward Music, artists have control over the delivery of their videos. They can be organized as free, a la carte purchases or only available to subscribers. Reward music is your broadcast channel and you're in charge. Do you want to have a subscription web series? Do you want to film podcast and broadcast it? Do you want to make personalized video messages available for sale like Cameo? What about subscriptions to your music lessons? What about professional multi-camera live streams of concerts or other events of your choosing? You can do all of that on your own Reward Music powered artist site. Your fans never have to leave your site to see your best video content. Your fans can watch your best videos without commercials, without leaving your site. We accept virtually every video format for upload and your fans see your videos in beautiful 1080p HD. No other platform can match the flexibility of Reward Music's video services nor will they match our commitment to artists receiving 100% of their streaming and download sales.


This is the power of Direct Connection.

The Internet asks everyone for a lot of things but rarely offers anything in return. Every fan action on Reward Music powered artist sites are rewarded. Opening emails earn fans reward points! When fans join Reward Music artist communities they are entering into a reciprocal Eco-System. The mutual benefits build as they explore artist content and make purchases. Reward Music powered artists site come equipped with fan profile pages. Fans can feature photos, videos, send direct messages, make friends, and use familiar "social media" features, plus much more. As your fans complete their own profiles, your Reward Music powered artist site automatically refers your fans to other fans with similar interests. Creating opportunities for interaction dramatically increases your fan engagement. The more your fans engage within your community, the more they are automatically Rewarded. The more artists engage with their fans the deeper they are able to connect. We know that fans naturally love to share what they are excited about and what makes them feel good. Now artists can reward them for doing what they do naturally.


At first glance, some may think that the Reward Music Dashboard looks like analytics, but there is a very big difference. Analytics is the study of statistics. Reward Music doesn’t provide analytics, we present artists with actual statistics and real time analysis.

Reward Music powered artist sites are equipped with a dashboard display of the live activities taking place. It's time for artists to make their best music and video content and engage with their fans directly. Knowing what your fans love most about your music is no longer a mystery!


The Music Industry is famous for opaque accounting.  Not anymore!

For decades, artists have suffered through vague and ambiguous accounting as well as other misleading information, preventing them from earning the money that is rightfully theirs. Reward Music is built on a level playing field where artists come first. Not only do artists get transparent accounting and 100% of every sale, Reward Music's real time reporting informs artists about all aspects of their content. The dynamic activities on Reward Music powered artist sites, paint the picture of their fans' daily interests. Reward Music empowers artists to own their own content and all their data. Reward Music doesn’t touch artist's money, or their data. We advocate for HUMANE TECHNOLOGY.


We live in a subscription based world, and with Reward Music, all artist content is subscribable for fans!

Reward Music powered artist sites feature a seriously powerful tool, the ability to make any content subscribable. Artists have the freedom to visualize new pathways to satisfying their fans. By creating unlock-able music and videos, artists can release their best work in more meaningful and exciting ways for their fans. The traditional music business places layer upon layer between the artist, the fan, and a sale. In the traditional music business the closest a fan could get to paying an artist directly is in the example of a musician in the street with an open guitar case for tips. If you like what you hear you can drop some money in the case, creating a direct connection. In every other scenario, a third party takes a piece of every sale from an artist. Reward Music has closed that loop and made it possible for fans to show their direct appreciation to their favorite artists. Subscribing to artists directly is the most beneficial way to receive fan rewards as well! For the price of a cup of coffee per month, fans have the power to make a huge change in the music industry. When artists can't even make minimum wage from streaming their music on Spotify and can't play live concerts because of the global pandemic, they need all the support they can get from their fans. Reward Music is the answer. It's a win for the artists and the fans.


Do you have a podcast you’d like to move over to your website? Or have you thought about starting one, but in addition to paying for a website, email service, and merch company you couldn’t quite afford to pay another place to host it?

With Reward Music everything is in one spot, and podcast hosting is now included with all of our other features. Fans already get to see quick glimpses of who you are in the short videos, photos and songs that you post. But here is a chance to regularly give them long-form content, while you can talk about the things that interest you, or maybe a chance to interview those who inspire you. It can be a new creative outlet while the fans get to sit back and get a new way to feel connected to you. You can upload, host, and play your podcast on your very own website where you can then put it behind a paywall. Or you can put it on your website to then send out to other podcast players for it to be listened to there. Just like every other feature on Reward Music, this might be your first time setting up a podcast, and our customer support team can walk you through each step of getting it up and running.
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