Haley Reinhart joins Reward Music!

Haley Reinhart joins Reward Music!

You know her from American IdolPost Modern Jukebox, F is for Family, We Can Be Heros, and multiple successful albums.  Haley Reinhart is simply a star.  Reward Music is proud to welcome Haley into our family of artists.

"A note from Haley,"

"Hello my darlin's,Hello everyone, I am extremely excited to announce that I am launching a brand new and official website! I’ve joined forces with Reward Music, an amazing program that allows fans and artist’s (that means you & me doll’s) to go to one simple place to find everything and connect! Through my new website, you can receive exclusive content, merchandise, live event info, first access to new music, exclusive live events, and much more! It’s a unique and special place for us to support each other as a Halien community! I want to thank each and every one of you for your constant support. Subscribe now and let the fun begin! I love you all! X  Click HERE to check out my new single, "Roll the Dice."    X"

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