Matthew and Gunnar Nelson join REWARD MUSIC

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson join REWARD MUSIC

From Matthew and Gunnar Nelson...

"The world of entertainment is changing daily- and we feel in many ways that are bound to leave both artists and their supporters behind. Huge media companies currently view their artists’ lifes’ work as mere ‘content’ and their fans as target ‘consumers’. We couldn’t disagree more.


Our music is who we are, not just what we do… and certainly not just something we sell. It’s our shared dreams, lessons, vulnerabilities, losses, victories, and battle cries. And our fans are our family… and this family has been together and growing for over 100 years now, all over the world. Matthew and I have always said that we Nelsons have never been in the music business… we’ve been in the connection business. So now it’s time we walk our talk. We’re taking back our power and giving you back yours. We’re all going to do things differently from the ‘industry standard’ from now on. We’re going to do things OUR way: Fierce, Fun, Freaky, and Independent. One big, loud, weird family. It’s time we circle the wagons and watch each others’ backs… and have a blast doing it.


We’re truly excited to be a part of Reward Music as it gives both us and our fans one simple place to connect. Our own world.  You’re busy, and we know it. No more having to check multiple twittersnap, instatok, and facechat accounts. All of our music, videos, updates, lessons, subscriptions, exclusive live events, merchandise, and much more is now all at one location. Plus for the first time, our fan family can be rewarded as you support each other and our music. Reward Music is the simple solution to what we all, both artists and fans, have needed for a long long time."



As your first reward for joining our site, Matt and I would like to give you this gift: You’ll finally get to hear FIRST BORN SONS long before anyone else in the world will! Here’s your free download that’s just a taste of the Great American Country Rock that’s to come. Simply click the link below, join our site, and you will get “NEW GIRL” for free. It's that simple.

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