Your first $1,000 - 5X easier than Spotify

Your first $1,000 - 5X easier than Spotify

While it's fun to talk about being the next multi-million dollar “thing” in music, let’s start with your first $1,000.  We can’t help you get to a million without first helping your earn $1,000.

According to Spotify’s last published data, only 203,300 of their 8,000,000 artists were able to make $1,000 on their platform.  That is just 2.5% of their members, meaning that 7,800,000 artists all made even less than that.

At Reward Music, we have 5X more artists (by percentage) than Spotify making at least $1,000.  12.5% of our artists generate at least $1,000 per year.

The music business is hard, so why not use the easiest way to make the most money?  Over the past 365 days the average fan is making the average Reward Music artist $4.80.   That means your first $1,000 in music is just 208 fans away.   It also means your first $100,000 is just 20,833 fans away. 

You can do this!

We can help!

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