Do you have a podcast you’d like to move over to your website? Or have you thought about starting one, but in addition to paying for a website, email service, and merch company you couldn’t quite afford to pay another place to host it?

With Reward Music everything is in one spot, and podcast hosting is now included with all of our other features. Fans already get to see quick glimpses of who you are in the short videos, photos and songs that you post. But here is a chance to regularly give them long-form content, while you can talk about the things that interest you, or maybe a chance to interview those who inspire you. It can be a new creative outlet while the fans get to sit back and get a new way to feel connected to you. You can upload, host, and play your podcast on your very own website where you can then put it behind a paywall. Or you can put it on your website to then send out to other podcast players for it to be listened to there. Just like every other feature on Reward Music, this might be your first time setting up a podcast, and our customer support team can walk you through each step of getting it up and running.