Pedalboard 2022

Well, I did it again. I completely overhauled this pedalboard for the 100th time. This has to be the most complex board I've done for myself so far. I think I've found all the right ingredients to fit my personality and I was able to put them all together on this board. I'm really disappointed in the wiring that I chose and eventually, I will switch it back to what I like. I tried to go without the GigRig G3 but that idea didn't last long as you can see. I installed a new power source as well, so now I'm using the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 3+ with the X4 and it's working great. I put the PP3+ on a riser underneath and it seems to work very well in the routing scheme. I still need to do some programming, especially with the MIDI, but all in all, it's ready to go. Go where John? I know, The Katana Artist setup is what I mostly use these days to play out and this is basically my home recording/studio rig. I do take it out from time to time but only in certain situations that I feel comfortable taking it out on.

I'll add more information soon.

John P.


Steven V.

What I have learned by this, is that I don't have the imagination to come up with the names for pedals.