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^ Guitar Stuff ^


My Guitar Photo Blog - begun July 2020…

Replacing the Nocaster and Twisted Tele pickups with Seymour Duncan custom shop Pearly Gate for Tele and Vintage Stack Rhythm. 

I’ve successfully worked on, modified, and repaired electronics of all kinds. Phonographs, solid state hifi, tube hifi, tube guitar amplifiers, tube radios…

This job was a bear. For such a simple circuit, it was maddening for me with how difficult it was soldering those little wires to the PP pot.

The electronics wore me out enough that I brought it to my guy to complete the setup.

I hope I like how they sound…

Much more to be continued below:


I can’t recall seeing D ever playing one in concert, but AM (of the DZ band) sure did. It sounded great too.