Audio Documentary Questions part 2

Audio Documentary Questions part 2

Hello Everyone,

I've just posted Audio Documentary EP - 8 "Live In The Moment (Part One)" and next week I'll post part 2. In the mean time, feel free to submit some questions for upcoming episodes about:


Dweezil Zappa Return Of The Son Of

FOH III Out Of Obscurity

You can also offer suggestions for future topics as well.

Best, DZ


Hi Dweezil!

In a Rig rundown for Premier Guitar Magazine in 2016 you showed The Jam Pedal The Big Chill hooked up to an expression pedal that made it go bonkers. You mentioned in the interview that particular effect would be released later "maybe next year". Is there anything coming down the pipeline? It was the most amazing effect ever! I would definitely buy one!


Hello!  Say is Dweeil Zappa Return of the Son Of going to be like Zappa plays Zappa?  I went to two of those and was hoping to hear you might resume them.




How can I opt out of automatically recurring payments? I'm happy with my siver sub, which goes to October 2022, but disike being 'opted in' to indefinite recurring payments.


I did send this query to reward music with null reponse.


Arjun von Caemmerer