The DWEEZIL KN'EVIL BUNDLE contains a t-shirt of your choice and a reduced-price version of the Dweezil Kn'Evil LIVE album. - - - Save $12.50 on the album by purchasing the shirt and the album together! - BUY YOUR BUNDLE NOW!

(All shirts are printed on demand - please allow 7-10 days for manufacturing - you will receive tracking info when your shirt has been shipped)

Also included:

** FREE concert video stream for all Dweezil Kn'Evil Bundle purchasers.

Once the album has been fully uploaded on JULY 30, 2021 Video footage of the actual concert will be available to stream for FREE to bundle owners.

(Video footage is also available to Silver Subscribers plus a whole lot more!)

(Mastered album audio will be synchronized with the video footage.)


My mom purchased this bundle for me for Christmas (she's pretty great that way), but is having trouble sending me the download link (she doesn't remember signing up when she purchased). She ordered on Dec. 5 and order number is 376367. Appreciate the help. Scott


Hi Scott. Sorry for the trouble. Did this get resolved?

Not yet. I emailed the vendor with no response..


Ok. So sorry for this. I'll get more info shortly. 

Well ALLright!! ni got poppy ,yay!



I like Matt purchased the bundle, but cannot seem to figure out how to download the album. I am logged in and checked email for a link. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks very much.


Hi James,

Sorry for the delayed response, I'll have Andrea reach out to you right away to help get you sorted.

Hi - I purchased this bundle 2 days ago, and so far the only option I have available is streaming only.  Any update on when downloads can become available?


Hi Matt,

The files should all be accessible for download if you’re logged in. Please let me know if you’re logged in and still unable to download your files. Thanks.

I just re-logged in and looked again.  No download option appears, although I do have full access to streaming the album.


Hi Matt,

I'll have Andrea reach out to you to check further issues and get you sorted out. Sorry for the inconvenience. The audio is meant to be downloadable upon purchase of the album or the bundle version that includes the t-shirt. Silver Subscribers would be able to stream the album but not download it unless they purchase the album.

Is this an actual cd release or only a digital download



Hi Scott,

It will only be a high-resolution wave file digital download at this time. It will include digital liner notes and will also include video content provided in the Dweezil Kn'Evil bundle.