Thank you for the new music Dweezil! 

First time hearing Dog Breath.. What a song! Instant new favorite. Thank you Dweezil!

You should get a copy of "Was Mothers Just Another Band from LA?".  A fantastic live FZ album that I feel captures the spirit of the band at that time.

Newly minted silver here. I now have new music, most of which I know and love. I'm sure there will be lots of interesting content to follow. Thanks for keeping my favorite music in the ether. Always a fan, now a small sponsor too. Thanks!


Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for your support. I hope you enjoy all the new music headed your way. Best, DZ

ey guys!  Just became a silver subscriber yesterday....and I love it.  Just listening to Dog Breath.  Wow that takes me back,  Thanks!



Hi William, Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it!

Thank's for the new ones!