ok...you and Phil woodshedding the solos sharing a guitar was SPECIAL.

Nuno , still the best interviewee ! Craig, fascinated with that one , Joe B shouldn’t even been considered has no clue about the genius of EVH !

Dweezil, the Phil X episode is killer. Thank you. This series continues to deliver on every level. 

I look forward to the final album review, "A Different Kind of Truth" hopefully with a word on why it has been pulled from streaming services.  Maybe John Shanks will come in to chat about it?  Any work on the RWTD podcast updates?  Thanks



Hello Everyone,

I'm just about to post a handful of Fractal Axe FX III presets on the 5150 bundle page. It will include information about the presets and a link to support@fractalaudio.com. The AXE III presets will work seamlessly on the FM9 units as well but must be updated to the very latest firmware as of 12-27-22. Stay tuned for more info and some videos about the presets as well.


Cool!! When do you expect to release the Helix presets?

Thank you Dweezil! Happy New Year!

Hi D. Im really new to all this

. ignorant a bit so.. Idk.. Its looks all so amazing. Best of luck w The Tech.. Looking forward. Peace in 23. =:)