Life in a Pandemic

This is a collection of "stubborn songs" and "old friends." Those ideas that you work on but never quite get into that groove, or it evolves into something you don’t like. So you put it down, and work on it another day. And...
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A collection of darker, more contemplative tunes, involving effects and a looping pedal. credits Released February 14, 2020 Recorded live at Overneath Creative, in Kalamazoo, MI...
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Music For Our Hands, vol. III - Chandelier

Jonathan Moody - Hilton Workhorse 5 string fretted (1, 3, 4), Eastwood Airline MAP 4 string fretted (2, 5)
Dennis Morehouse - Drums (1, 4)</br /> Anabel dFlux - Photo Recorded & Engineered by Jason Achilles...
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