1. 1
    Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
  2. 2
    Nanook Rubs It
  3. 3
    St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
  4. 4
    Father O'blivion
  5. 6
    Excentrifugal Forz

2010 apostrophe (') live! Dweezil Zappa and his band perform the classic Frank Zappa album - apostrophe (') -  in its entirety, live on stage in Los Angeles.


Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for making this available to savour and enjoy. Hearing the Duke again brought a tear to my eye. 

So amazing, can listen to this again and again then again. Thank you for making this available. Can't wait until i can see you perform live again

Thank you Dweezil. I am so psyched you are making this stuff available....blowz my mind....its so good....quality is fantastic. We want  s more! 

What year is this show? Who is on drums? Thanks.


2010. It was with the old drummer joe travers.

Jason Camelio

It is a total joy to hear this LIVE! Thank you for sharing this recording. apostrophe (') was the very first Frank album I purchased. It was my gateway. I am seeing this refrain the the thread here too. The power of music is deep.

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