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    The Torture Never Stops (Seattle 2018)
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Art by Micahel Doherty

The Torture Never Stops (Seattle 2018)

100% Live performance. F.O.H. Mix. I used my 1/2 Fretless SG on this track. It was brand new and I was still learning how to play it. It's very hard to play in tune!

My dad played some fretless guitar on the album version of "The Torture Never Stops" so this a bit of thematic coherence.

There's a layer of clean piezo pickup guitar layered into the sound which helps give it definition and adds to the Eastern tonalities I am playing with.

Eran Ben Zur - F.O.H Mix

Dweezil Zappa - 1/2 Fretless Lead Guitar

Cian Coey - Lead Vocal

Adam Minkoff - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Scheila Gonzalez - Keys and Vocals

Kurt Morgan - Bass and Vocals

Ryan Brown - Drums

Chris Norton - Keys and Vocals