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    Blues Saraceno - Episode 5
    December 18, 2020

Runnin With The Dweezil Episode # 5 - Blues Saraceno.

In this episode, we discover secrets sounds on Women And Children First and take a deep dive on all the remaining songs!


The paper bag story may be my favourite of the whole podcast. lol.


It's a pretty good one!

All the episodes are great, but I especially loved episodes 4 & 5. There’s a “known him my whole life” chemistry that you guys brought that was as entertaining as it was made me feel like I was right there with you guys... paper bag or not. Looking forward to more episodes but I would really like to hear more of you and Blues shooting the s**t... whether about all things Edward or just about music and/or your journeys as extremely high functioning guitar dudes. Cheers -



Hi Chris,

Thanks for chiming in! I'm glad you liked the episodes. Blues is one of my oldest friends and we will be doing some projects together in 2021.

Happy New Year!

Sweet! I look forward to whatever you guys get into... but yeah... I’ve been a huge fan of Blues since I was a kid... actually my introduction to Dweezil’s guitar playing was on “Chewing On Crayons” on Hairpick. Jeez, man!!! My 15 year old ears were ripped open! Lol - Hairpick is a great album! ✌️

No problem bruh I'm lovin this stuff,  therapy at its finest!

Cant wait for this ......though I did wait for this....sup Dweez


Hi Christopher,

Sorry for the delay on Ep 5. My internet service wasn't functioning and prevented the episode from being uploaded on time. It's there now though!