Season 6

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    Episode 43 with K.K. Downing (Judas Priest/ K.K.'s Priest)
    November 14, 2021

    My guest today is Mr. K.K. Downing, original member, co founder and guitarist for the legendary band Judas Priest, and his own project KK’s Priest.

    It goes without saying that Judas Priest are one of the most influential bands in the history of metal. It's also a fact that K.K.'s place in the history of metal is intact and secure since he was a part of Judas Priest since the very inception of that band. But K.K. doesn't seem content with resting on his laurels and he continues his legacy by creating new music and forging ahead with his new project named KK’s Priest. They have a brand new record out entitled “Sermons of the Sinner.”

    K.K. was kind enough chat with me from his home in England via Zoom and we discussed many topics including songwriting, his early years, influences, the concept of “Light and Shade”, the guitar gear used in the early Priest days, and many other things (including the time Marie Osmond got upset over the use of a bullwhip prop on a TV show!)

    As a big Priest fan myself I was thrilled to chat with K.K. He is a very nice guy and enjoyable to talk to. I know you will enjoy it!

    Recorded Oct. 11, 2021


    KK’s Website 


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    Mark Farner (Grand Funk) On The Riff Raff W Shane Theriot
    June 20, 2021

    My guest today is Mr. Mark Farner. Best known as the frontman guitarist/songwriter and lead singer for one of the biggest bands in 1970’s rock- Grand Funk Railroad. From the game changing Atlanta Pop Festival performance to the legendary Shea Stadium performance that they sold out in 72 hours (breaking the Beatles record many times over) Mark has seen and done it all. These days he’s still rocking with his Mark Farner’s American Band and tours constantly.

     One of his best known songs is the 1970 classic I’m your Captain (Closer to Home) which by now has reached legendary rock anthem statusIn this interview he tells me about how a prayer inspired him to write the song, We also talk about his early influences, how Grand Funk blew Led Zeppelin off stage one night in Ohio, how he learned to sing by reading a newspaper upside down, his Musicraft Messenger guitar and much much more. There was so much I wanted to ask but we just ran out of time- (Hendrix, Zappa, working with Ringo etc…)but we still got a lot of good stuff in!

    At 72 years of age he still plays and sings his ass off. If you need proof of this just check out the new DVD by Mark and his band- “From Chile with Love” which was released in April. Mark does a lot for Veterans and is donating 20% of all proceeds from each sale of the DVD to help Veterans. You guys all need to go and check this out! Mark is such a great guy and a class act. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. 



    Veterans Support Foundation number- 1-800-882-1316



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    01 Trey Gunn (The Riff Raff W Shane Theriot) Episode 41
    March 16, 2021

    My guest today is Trey Gunn- solo artist, Chapman Stick and Warr guitar pioneer and virtuoso and member of the groundbreaking band King Crimson for 10 years. With at 15 solo records (and counting) under his belt Trey shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, he's only just getting going. After watching Trey's lecture on Youtube on developing your own voice (see below for link) I was inspired enough to contact him for some personal sessions.

    We talk about all this and much more in this episode- thanks for listening!

    Check out Trey's Music here

    Here is the video I reference in the podcast- Trey Gunn on Original Voice

    Trey's Website- Trey

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    Scott Sharrard (The Riff Raff w Shane Theriot)
    October 17, 2021

    Episode 40 Scott Sharrard (Solo artist, Greg Allman Band, Little Feat)

    My guest today is Scott Sharrard, a great singer, guitarist and songwriter who hails from Michigan but could also have easily have been raised in the Delta. Scott is probably best known for being a long time member of Gregg Allman's band but as of late has also joined the legendary Little Feat.In this episode he tells us about how he got the gig with Greg Allman, playing Duane Allmans legendary Les Paul, joining Little Feat, songwriting, teaching and much more!Find Scott online at his website hereLittle Feat click hereTrue Fire 
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    Guthrie Trapp on The Riff Raff w Shane Theriot
    October 17, 2021

    Episode 39- Guthrie Trapp on The Riff Raff w Shane Theriot

    My guest today is Mr. Guthrie Trapp. Guthrie is a monster Nashville “superpicker” with a wide range of credits including Jerry Douglas, Garth Brooks, Delbert McClinton, John Oates and many more. Guthrie is also a successful educator and has some great instructional material (Country Guitar) available from Artist Works.His solo records Pick Peace and Life After Dark both showcase a diverse taste in styles- all of which he is able to perform with ease and with a great sense of time, taste and feel.We’ve been friends for a while, but it was great to sit down with Guthrie in my studio in New Orleans where he was kicking back for a few weeks during the coronavirus shutdown last fall.As always thanks for tuning in! Be sure and visit my page and sign up as a member on Rewards Music! It’s free and I’ll be doing a lot of cool things upcoming including Masterclasses, lessons and just overall community hangs! Guthrie Trapp Website Works
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    G.E. Smith The Riff Raff w/ Shane Theriot
    October 17, 2021

    Episode 38 with GE Smith

    My guest today is Mr. G.E. Smith.As one of the most seen and heard guitarists in the heyday of late 70’s - 80’s era SNL (when the show was at it's peak) you would have no doubt seen G.E. on your TV set, mugging it up for the camera and playing a variety of cool vintage guitars while rubbing shoulders with the likes of guest guitarists Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton and David Gilmour. What a lot of people don't realize is that during this time (and often the very same day) GE was working with Bob Dylan, flying around the world and coming in for his "day gig" on SNL. He had just departed a huge 6 year run with Daryl Hall and John Oates.This episode of Riff Raff is particularly interesting because I get to interview the guitarist that once not only stood in my shoes but basically formed the mold-GE was the guitarist with Daryl Hall and John Oates in the era of MTV and those huge radio hits that we still hear on the radio today- Maneater, Private Eyes and Kiss is on My List just to name a few. But his resume doesn’t stop there- he also worked with Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Mick Jagger and many many others.These days G.E. has a new album coming out with newly found collaborator and singer LeRoy Bell- Their new project is called “Stony Hill”. It’s a rootsy, raw pairing that is perfect for GE’s guitar playing and songwriting. Check out "America" and "Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair" for a taste of this great pairing.We talk about guitars, Hall and Oates, Dylan, SNL, T-Bone Wolk, Stony Hill, guitars, why Eric Clapton took his pickup covers off of his Les Paul pickups in 1965 and all things in between.Shout out to my manager Charles Driebe (Blind Ambition Mgmt. for connecting the Riff Raff podcast w/ G.E.
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    Allen HInds The Riff Raff w Shane Theriot
    October 17, 2021

    Episode 37 with Allen Hinds

    My guest today is Allen Hinds, a player that most certainly possesses what I like to call the “Three T’s of guitar playing”- Touch, Tone, and Taste. Allen is originally from Alabama but has lived in Southern California most of his life and found a home at the world famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood (where we first met when I was a student there in the early 90’s). Along the way he has also built a successful career as a sideman (Gino Vanelli, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Randy Crawford, Hiroshima, etc..) and solo artist with 5 solo records to his name - Fly South, Monkeys and Slides, Falling Up, Beyond it All, and Fact of the Matter. His new yet to be released record entitled “The Good Fight” should be available very soon. In this interview, which took place at Allen's house in Laurel Canyon, we discuss his teaching career, legato technique, Gino Vanelli stories, playing over chord changes, how slide guitar playing has been a big part of his sound, and much more. Allen’s website Recorded Los Angeles, CA March 2020