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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to Mini-Concert #2, featuring "Inca Roads" from Seattle 2008.

These 24-bit 48k Hi-Res selections are mixed from the multi-track audio and are exclusively available for streaming for all Silver Subscribers.

All Silver Subscribers will also receive a free download of "Flakes."

All tracks are available for purchase a la carte as well.


Hello, again - I am truly sorry to pester, but I am still only able to stream a portion of the songs on Mini-Concert #2. Can Andrea lend a hand? Please and thank you.


I just left a message for her. I hope she will be able to reach out to you very shortly! So sorry for the delay. Best, DZ

I also did not receive the discount code after buying Cup Of Joe.  I tried the support e-mail address, but have not received a response.


Hi Alan,

I'm checking on this for you. I'll get back to you asap. Thanks, DZ

Thank you, sir - Andrea took care of me.  I haven't tried the code yet, but I'm confident!  I'll find out tonight!!!

Worked like a champ!  Thank you both!!

Hello Dweezil, I’m also a silver subscriber and I noticed the the only tracks from the Mini-Concerts that play the full length are the two free downloads.


Hi Rick,

Thanks for letting me know. I'll check that out ASAP to make sure it's working. Best, DZ

Thanks Dweezil , both Mini-Concerts now stream correctly.


Happy Listening!

Hello Dweezil, I'm a silver subscriber, but I can only stream a part of the songs. For instance, Inca Roads already ends at 5:29. It is the same with Mini-concerts #1. Please help.


Hi Kees,

I'm looking into that for you. I've asked Andrea Volpp to reach out to you. She can help troubleshoot.

Having the same issue, only get the first parts of some of the songs.



Hello Dweezil, the problem isn't solved yet. Is Andrea still working on it?


Hi Kees,

I'm sorry the problem still exists. I will make sure to get back to you asap.

I bought the Cup of Joe Concert within 48 hours (in less than 1 hour, actually) and received an e-mail acknowledgement of my purchase but no discount code.

Now, as a subscriber, I have the option to buy the complete mini-concert for $7.60 or the tracks individually for $6.00 total (huh?) and no way of merely paying $4.00 as promised.

Six bucks is still a good deal, just not sure how all the math is supposed to work here.

Anyway, keep 'em coming!

After processing payment, I was charged $5.70. Still a good deal.


Hi Twenty Small Cigars,

I'll have a look to make sure you weren't somehow overlooked based on the 48 hour window for that promo. Once I have a look at the system, I'll happily get it sorted for you. Bottom line is, if you were part of the early adopters you will absolutely get your discount as promised. Thanks for your patience and support. Best, DZ


Hi Twenty Small Cigars,

Thanks for your support and your patience. I've taken care of your discount. Be sure to check your email for the notification of the refunded amount. Sorry for any confusion. Best, DZ

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