Elk (In the Mist)

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    Elk (In the Mist)
  • FormatWAV
  • Bit Rate32 Bit Float
  • Sample Rate44.100 kHz

This was one of my very earliest pieces of my digital works, 1992 or so.  The huge knocks are sampled knocks of a deer horn against an elk horn, then played on the lower notes on my Ensoniq EPS keyboard, and run through the processor for the vastness (I think I used my old rack model ART multiprocessor).  The background sounds are from the Korg Wavestation synth (one of the few times I used sounds other than my own).  I do believe that that part was done in one take, and then I added the knocks.  This was originally recorded on a little analog 4-track cassette recorder.  The artwork is a woodcut of an elk that my mother did, based on a statue by my folks' good friend, Joe Back.