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    A Little Insomnia / Skirt The Line
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    Blow Up The Outside World

"Don’t let the signature bow tie and Buddy Holly glasses fool you.... under this Clark Kent-like exterior lies a rock n roll heart! In a world full of show-off, technique for technique sake solo bass records, it’s refreshing to hear someone firmly grounded in the groove, ear tuned into the melody and technique used to serve the music, rather than the other way around. Great tone and taste! Well done, JM!"

-Mark Damon, The Pretty Reckless


released August 24, 2018

Jonathan Moody - Hilton Workhorse 5 string fretted, Willcox Saber VL 4 string fretless
Jeff Link - Drums
Anabel dFlux - Photo

All songs written by Jonathan Moody, copyright 2018 Monjoody Music (ASCAP)
"Blow Up the Outside World" written by Chris J. Cornell, copyright Gold Songs OBO You Make Me Sick I Make Music (BMG)