1. 2
    You Are What You Is
  2. 4
    Beauty Knows No Pain
  3. 5
    Charlie's Enormous Mouth

A Mini-Concert featuring songs from the "You Are What You Is" record. The performances are from different shows, different cities, different bands and different years.

1. Doreen (Minneapolis 2017)

2. You Are What You Is (Minneapolis 2017)

3. Beautiful Guy {with special live intro from 82 band} (Knoxville 2019)

4. Beauty Knows No Pain (Nashville 2019)

5. Charlie's Enormous Mouth (Knoxville 2019)

6. Any Downers (London 2019)


Please feel free to release as much as you want from your visits to Knoxville. Like maybe that awesome chord-swapping duet with Andy Wood?

PLEEZ put a band together and go on tour again, Dweezil! There's a big Zappa-shaped hole in my soul!

Super cool! Stoked about this!

Fantastic as always!  Vocals are spot on.

Muito bom!! Tenho esse cd!! 

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