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"Orange County - More Trouble Everyday"

(A free song duo for Silver Subscribers!)

Performed in FT. Meyers Florida on 10-26 2018, these 2 songs emphasize the nuances I added to the arrangements with my band. The funky transition from "Orange County" is from a rare FZ arrangement performed only a handful of times on the '74 tour. I also nailed the mid-range lead tone and wah from that tour as well.



G*****n! What a memory that must be. DWEEZ!! YESH!!!

Amazalicious funked my A!!! Oh copz!!! Shitard!!! Ugh

Hello all. Hi D.. Lol. Wonderful.. Omg.. Sassy assy! Yes and more yes... Fabuloso!!.. Dweez, listen.. I played Randy Hansen's 45 tonight, the pigs xmas one, on a turntable purchased from Target this evening.. Lets just say xmas is tonight Jan 3 2023. Lol. Ok. Peace all. Lol. Oh.. The B Side HO HO is even mo bettah! Two tickets 2 Para D.. Blop blop!!! Thank you! Cheers, Rolf aka bunnyshonis FULLWOLF. =:)

Happy New Year Dweezil and everybody else. Love the melodic minor/Indian sounding solos around the 3 min mark! Anyways, hope everybody has an amazing 2023.

Great, thank you !.HNY Too All 

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