1. 1
    She's Got a Disease
  2. 3
    Stray Cat Strut
  3. 4
    Big Boy's Back In Town
  4. 5
    Sex & Cigarettes
  5. 6
    Johnny B. Goode
  6. 8
    Messin' Around
  7. 9
    White Light (Explicit Content)

The word “fetus”, coming from the Latin means, small child. I think every artist-or unborn child in the womb for that matter, starts off simply as that: a “small child”, that grows into the man or woman that God created them to be. Every image bearer of God has value, dignity and worth (at the point of conception) because they are in fact, His creatures-we are His creatures and we in fact can know Him (Schaefer).

This being true, I thought it’d be a great idea to release my earliest recorded (professional…) work; not only to show that we are all artists living in The Master Artists World (The Triune God of Sacred Scripture), but to encourage upcoming artists in their craft as well-that THIS IS A PROCESS and to keep going! In fact, I used to have a folder holding my songs-unfinished called , “Song Fitus’s”-or Feti, I don’t remember-,but anyway I digress.

I submit to you art is “art imitating art (…imitating art sometimes!)”. Since this is true, then we are either good artists, lazy ones or bad ones. None of us can possibly attain to the artistry of The One True and Living God (like speaking everything into existence kind of art), but I believe He digs it when we try-when we do what He made us to do;“to be imitators of Him”. We can’t make rain by the act of speaking, but we sure can pick up a guitar and write a song about it (no matter how basic that may seem at the moment…). I assert to you, the ability to create is a gift, and one not to be wasted. Like a wise man once said,” Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly”. I don’t know who that man was, but speaking of badly…by no means did I believe or pretend to grasp (well maybe I did pretend…) these concepts in totality (neither do I today-or tonight or whenever or if ever you read this) when I had written and recorded these songs.

I was actually very hesitant in releasing these tunes due to their sophomoric and degenerate nature (sinful wise fool…). Being an unregenerate sinner-or at least a very (VERY) young Christian at best, I just wanted to make the best work I possibly could (no matter how explicit the content, like the content here…) and have fun doing it. I wanted to be honest with my experience and tell my stories genuinely with a nice delivery (and sometimes with crude humor…).

In retrospect, I think this album is my way of showing you the seemingly good, the bad and the ugly, of the story God was and is speaking (Psalm 33) of me-all of it. I’m His art. Your His art-The World and everything in it is His art. We just need to figure out who we are in His Story and how to live our part in it.(N.D. Wilson).

Ultimately since it is Him singing, every part (infinitely) of His story, in totality is good, “for all things work together for the good of those that love God (Romans 8:28) no matter how ugly and sinful it may seem at the moment. We are all compatibly living our lives, fully responsible of what we do and at the same time we are living out the song God is singing. My prayer is that He shows you the song that He is singing through you as well.  Here’s just a part of the beginning of mine.