1. 1
    Mr. Blonde (Mr. Blonde & Mr.Blonde)
  2. 2
    Heart & Soul (Finished Product)
  3. 3
    All That I’m Missin’ (Band)
  4. 4
    All of Me (…bad song choice…)
  5. 5
    Beyond The Sea (Band)
  6. 6
    Lonely Tear Drops Shout (Bass&Guests)
  7. 7
    Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (Band)
  8. 8
    Stand By Me (Band)
  9. 9
    To Be Loved (Band)

These are recordings taken from my old bands practice sessions (Blonde). When I say “old band”, I mean the band that got back together after our split (because of The Grace of God through the kindness of an old friend).

Somewhere around 2015 (or most likely 2016), I had befriended said friend during my swing dancing days. They really wanted to see my band play. Trouble was, I didn’t have a band-well not at the time they had asked. Because of this predicament, there was good enough reason to get the group back together at some “barn” in Long Beach, California. Those in attendance, were family, friends and my swing dance posse-basically an open floor. Like I said earlier “Barn”.

During the show, we had one of our original bass players from “Naked Blonde” named Austin Calendar (his first show ended with a ghetto bird flying over us shining a spotlight while people were skanking in a circle to our tune “If Your Rude”-beers flying, police cars pulling up and after he drove me home I puked on his car. Some other things happened, but that’s a story for another time).

After the show my original drummer and I had to fill the spot with another bass player. I forget how we found him, but we inherited Christopher Vida in the mix. He is the bass player you will hear in these recordings-not Austin.

These sounds were taken from November 13th,2016 to May 2nd,2017.

I hope this third installment of the PRAXIS series will not only encourage you to glorify God in whatever your doing, but to be disciplined, full of joy, to keep pumping out the jams and to do it with all your heart & soul.

Soli Deo Gloria