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    Sound Collective: Speakeasy Junction Pt.1

Sound Collective: Speakeasy Junction Pt.I

This is Pt.1 (Sound Collective: Speakeasy Junction) of practice session recordings in preparation for “Sound Collectives” exclusive artist series called, “Speakeasy Junction”. These concerts were held @ Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA in 2016. This practice session was held in my garage. Hope you dig our PRAXIS!

Track List
1. Beyond The Sea
2. An Evening Like This
3. This Love Affair
4. Coffee Machine Mis-Happenings*
5. All That I’m Missin’
6. No Particular Place to Go
7. Twenty Flight Rock
8. Big Boy’s Back in Town
9. Band Banter*
10. So Close (,But So Far Away)
11. Joyful Band Banter*
12.Fall Back
13. Michael Jackson Impersonations*
14. Mack The Knife (26:30-50:09)
15. Having Fun:)*
17. Non-Caffeinated?*
18. Love Drunk/Messin’ Around
19. Stray Cat Strut
20. Standing up Playing Drums & Spinning*


I like this music style!

Ron M.

Soli Deo Gloria! Grandma. What did you like about the recording?