1. 1
    Coconut Sunflower (BIC Slide)
  2. 2
    A Caged Bird Sings
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Amazing Grace (w/o VOX)
  5. 5
    Amazing Grace (w/VOX)
  6. 6
    Can The Circle Be Unbroken
  7. 7
    Banks Of The Ohio (w/o VOX)
  8. 8
    Banks Of The Ohio (w/VOX)
  9. 9
    Slide Study: Major Scale
  10. 10
    Can The Circle Be Unbroken (Three Ways/Variations)
  11. 11
    Dink's Song (G Capo’d/ Open D)
  12. 12
    Dinks Song II
  13. 13
    Banks Of The Ohio II (Key:F Capo'd/ Tuning:Open D)
  14. 14
    Can The Circle Be Unbroken (Four Ways/Variations)
  15. 15
    Banks Of The Ohio (Slide&Groove)
  16. 16
    Banks Of The Ohio (Slide/Kola)
  17. 17
  18. 18
    Banks Of The Ohio (Key:F Major/Tuning: Open D)
  19. 19
    Amazing Grace (Three Ways/Variations)
  20. 20
    Wayfaring Stranger (Slide)
  21. 21
    Blues Licks
  22. 22
    Slide (I-IV-V)


These are recordings taken from Feb. 21st,2017-Aug.13th,2022 capturing the chronological journey of my learning of slide guitar (I was tempted to update, but at the very least, his was the beginning). Here’s to the learning process; ever learning and forever enjoying the gift of music from The Lord Jesus Christ who made it. Praise Him for it! I pray you do & that you enjoy.

One day my friend and I went to the local music store because they needed a capo. We purchased the capo and for some reason decided to go into the acoustic guitar room. I say “some reason” because I’m not an “acoustic guitar guy”, but yes we went to that room. I looked around and found myself in between two options of resonator guitars, a Gretsch Box Car and an Epiphone Hound Dog. Now I’ve played resonators before then (didn’t really like em, but) I figured I’d give em a try. Did not dig the Epiphone, the sound was caged (held back-the cone was facing backwards…biscuit) and the guitar was unnecessarily heavy-didn’t like the feel either, but once I picked up that Gretsch somethin’ magical happened.
Once I picked that guitar up I knew that “this”, was the one. I was now-not an “acoustic guitar guy”, but a “resonator guitar guy”. It wouldn’t be until months later-or a year that I’d actually find another one of these guitars at a different local music shop (somewhere round the OC I believe) because, when I went back to find the original Box Car I picked up that first time, it wasn’t there.
Just as a side note-that first time I went with my friend to the spot to get a capo, went in the acoustic room, tried out “The One”, I also met a singer songwriter there named Josh Arbour who I’d later work for and in Saint Rockes “Sound Cellective Artist series (pretty sure I gave him that name), but that’s a story for another time (thought it was apropo to mention). Zoom back to the future, I found a Boxcar, named it and started to play. Thing was, I did not know how to play slide guitar and for anyone trying to figure open tunings out (open D) knowing standard tuning first, this was a mission-and still is to a certain extent, but the beginning was HARD-not only learning a new tuning, but figuring out what kind of slide to purchase, fingerpicks; use em-don’t, which finger to use with the slide….it was tough, but by The Grace of God, I was lead to Bob Brozman (a very sinful man, but amazing work-without The Grace of God we could be in the same predicament)God rest his soul (who in my opinion is one of the greatest slide players who ever lived-Bryan Setzer, Chet Atkinson, Django Rhinehart; best standard guitarist whoever lived to my knowledge-the list could go on obviously, anywho…). I listened to his playing and was amazed at what what he could make the guitar do! I bought some of his materials online along with another player, (who’s name escapes me at the moment-Mike Dowling. No longer lazy!) and learned along with other resources I found on the internet. I became obsessed with learning how to play this style of guitar and started to make arrangements for tunes I learned on banjo (they basically have the same tuning). At this time, I also started to offer slide guitar lessons as an alternative to students wanting to learn guitar right away (because you are in an open tuning, almost everything sounds good-find the bad notes, don’t play em again. Simple). It was experimental and had some success, but it most of all it was a real blast to share what I was learning with my students along the way (round the same time I was…basically). By Gods Grace I’m still playing slide today (mostly single string, but some single note playing as well-solo’s n’ such) and to tell you the truth, it’s one of my favorite things to do (when I get the chance to do it). My dream is to wake up, go on my porch n’ play. Some mornings (or mainly afternoons, I live this past-time) I pray this album helps you if your on this slide trip too and if you are I’d love to help you along the way (if you aren’t, get on this train, what’s the matter with you?) so you don’t have to go the route I went; hitting my head against a wall till I found my head was bleedin’(hehe…only teasing)-instead I can show you the ropes I wish I knew were there years ago. If interested lemme know, if not, I hope you’ll enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed learning, being fed good food & playing. God bless you!

Soli Deo Gloria -Ronnie Blanchet

Track Listing
1. Coconut Sunflower (BIC SLIDE)
2.Caged Bird Sings 3.Remembers
4. Amazing Grace (w/o VOX)
5. Amazing Grace (w/VOX)
6. Can The Circle Be Unbroken
7. Banks of The Ohio (w/o VOX)
8. Banks of The Ohio (w/VOX)
9. Slide Study: Major Scale
10. Can The Circle Be Unbroken (Three Ways/Variations)
11. Dinks Song
12. Dinks Song II
13. Banks of The Ohio II
14. Can The Circle Be Unbroken (Four Ways/Variations)
15. Banks of The Ohio (Slide n’ Groove)
16. Banks of The Ohio Slide (Kola)
18. Banks of The Ohio (F Maj.)
19. Amazing Grace (Three Ways/Variations) 20. Wayfaring Stranger (Slide)
21. Blues Licks
22. Slide (I/IV/V)